Fena Superwash Plus Detergent Cake

Fena Superwash Plus Detergent Cake

Available Packs

  • 300g x 4 Set
  • 185g x 4/200g x 4 Set

  • 185g/200g
  • 90g
  • 50g

'Fena Superwash Plus Detergent Cake' designed to give you a premium washing experience with Rose & Chandan perfume, dirt and stain removing active ingredients & optical brightener for dazzling whiteness.

  • High active ingredients that help in effective removal of dirt.
  • Sophisticated long lasting perfume of Rose & Chandan that leaves a lasting fragrance on clothes.
  • Safe on hands.
  • Optical Brighteners that give dazzling whiteness.
  • Effective in both hard water and soft water.
  • There are binding agents in the product that help retain the solid shape of the cake even after many rugged washes.
  • Smart dissolution agents that ensure minimal wastage, thus making the cake last longer.