Institutional Sales

Institutional Sales at Fena

boasts of a highly committed and service oriented team with over four decades of experience in providing service to various institutional buyers.

Institutional Sales

Institutional Buyers

  • Central Government Employees
    Consumer Cooperative Society
    Kendriya Bhandar
  • Canteen Stores
    Department (CSD)
  • Kendriya Police
    Kalyan Bhandar(KPKB)
  • UP Government Employees
    Welfare Cooperation, UP


Modern Trade Stores

In addition to the above, Fena’s Institutional Sales Division also caters to Modern Trade Stores like Reliance, Future Group, Aditya Birla.

Fena’s Institutional Sales Department is also servicing a large number of HORECA customers viz. Hotels, Hospitals, Offices, Restaurants, Establishments, Caterers and other such establishments. Fena’s Institutional Sales Division has been growing continuously due to excellent product quality, competitive prices, and prompt service to the customers, ensuing their total satisfaction.