Cop Toilet Cleaner

Cop Toilet Cleaner

Available Packs

  • 500ml
  • 200ml

Cop Toilet Cleaner's unique penguin shaped bottle neck reaches every part of the toilet bowl for an effective 4-way power action. This guarantees 100% hygiene, 0% compromise for your toilet, and perfect health for your loved ones.

Cop’s unbeatable 4-Way Power:

  • Kills Germs – Cop’s powerful disinfectant wipes out 99.9% germs making the toilet absolutely safe and hygienic.
  • Remove Yellow Stains – Cop’s strong bleaching action and optimum viscosity dissolves even the toughest of yellow stains to make your toilet stain free.
  • Extra Shine – Cop’s active ingredients ‘foam away’ the lime scale, lending an extraordinary shine and an ultra clean look to the toilet surface.
  • Fresh Fragrance – Cop’s pleasant fragrance stays active for a longer period of time and keeps the toilet area refreshingly fragrant and fresh consistently.