Transporter Form

We are interested in undertaking transportation of your goods to various destinations. We give below our Particulars, Rates and Terms & Conditions for carriage of goods.:

  1. Name of Transport Company : *
  2. Constitution : Proprietorship/Partnership/Pvt. Ltd. Co./ Ltd. Co./
  3. Year of establishment : No. of Employees :
  4. Trucks Owned by self : Associates : Total :
5. Details of Offfice:
Office Full Address Phone No. E-mail
Person Incharge
Name Designation
A. Regd. Office
B. Head Office
C. Dealing Office
D. Branch Office
E. Branch Office
F. Branch Office

6. Particulars of Directors/Partners/Proprietors:
S. No. Name Designation Residential Address Phone No. (Res.) Mobile No.

7. Relevant Registration:

  1. PAN No. * Dated Valid Upto (Photocopy encl. as Annex)
  2. Servive Tax Regd. No Dated Valid Upto (Photocopy encl. as Annex)
  3. IBA Regd. No. Dated Valid Upto (Photocopy encl. as Annex)
  4. GSTIN No. * Dated Valid Upto (Photocopy encl. as Annex)
8. Bankers:
Name of Bank Address Tel No.

9. Main/Important Customers:
S. No. Name of Co./Orgnization Products Dealing Since
Concerned Person
Name Desig. Tel No.

  • 10. List of delivery offices enclosed as Annexure:
  • 11. Freight Rates enclosed as Annexure:

12. Terms and Conditions:
  1. Freight rate attached are for full truck load of 10 M.T. These freight rates will be operative from to after which any Changes in rates will be intimated 30 days in advance and written approval will be obtained from you. Revision of rates shall be applicable only after written approval is given by you.
    The freight rates are all inclusive rates from Door Collection to Door Delivery i.e. inclusive of all Charges such as demurrage, Hamall, Loading, Unloading, statistical/stationery charges, goods tax, insurance Charges or any other Charges and no further charges of whatsoever nature will be payable extra.
  2. The required number of trucks at the point of loading in your Factory/Depot/Godown will be provided by us at such hours as prescribed by you.
  3. On requisition for trucks, if we fail to provide the truck within the prescribed time, you have the right to hire trucks from any other agency and in the event we will be liable to pay you the difference between contract rates and the Actual freight paid by you of Rs. 2000/- per truck of 10M.T. whichever is higher.
  4. Goods Carried will be delivered as per the committed delivery period by us. In case there is a delay in delivery time. Rs,2000/- per 10 MT truck per day of delay will be paid by us as penalty to you.
  5. We will be responsible for any theft, pilferage, shortage damage, loss due to any reason, non delivery etc. Claims for the same shall be deducted either from our immediate due payment by you or we shall pay the same within 7 days of receipt of your claim, whichever is earlier. Claims for shortage/damage/loss/pilferage and non-delivery etc. shall be lodged at our Regd. Office/Head Office/Dealing office/Branch Office. Any such claims sent by U.P.C., Regd. Post, Speed Post, Courier, Fax, E-mail shall be deemed to be duly lodged.
  6. We will be responsible for any third party liability or liability arising out of any liability or unlawful activities under laws applicable in India.
  7. We shall raise all GRs on "TO BE BILLED" basis. The freight BIlls will be submitted by us along with "Proof of Delivery" and payment will be released by you after 15 days from the date of Receipt of bills.
  8. TDS and any other statutory Rates and Taxes prescribed by the State/Central Govt. will be deducted from our bills and appropriate Certificate will be issued by you after such deductions.
  9. We will submit interest free security of RS. With you as performance security.

13. Each consignmnet will be treated as a separate contract. Terms & Conditions mentioned herein shall supercede all terms & conditions mentioned on Goods Receipt/Lorry Receipt:

14. All disputes arising out of Carriage of goods will be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of Delhi Courts ONLY.

15. Name, Designation Speciman Signature of our Authorized representatives
S. No. Name Designation Speciman Signature

  • 16. Other Information, if any: (As per enclosed Annexure):
  • 17. We undertake to inform you in writing immediately; if & when there are any changes in the above information supplied by us.
  • 18. We agreed to abide by the terms given above and as may be amended from time to time and approved by you.
  • 19. We have read, taken a copy & agree to abide by the attached COde of Relationship for FENA Vendor.

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