Terms & Conditions

SECURITY: Redistribution Stockist (R.S.) to deposit Interest Free Security by Demand Draft for due performance. Amount of security shall be as per the Company Security Policy in force from time to time. The Company will have the right to deduct all expenses incurred in case of dishonor of Redistribution Stockist Cheques / Documents and any other due to the company or its Associates / Branches. Security will be refunded to the Redistribution Stockist on the termination of the Redistribution Stockistship, after settlement of Accounts and adjustment of any amount due to the company.

PAYMENTS: Full advance by Demand Draft / As per Company’s Policy in force from time to time. Company shall not be responsible for any cash payments made to field staff as the same is not permitted. Interest @ 15% P.A. is payable on delayed payments.

SALES TAX:Sales Tax Forms (where applicable) are to be sent by Redistribution Stockist in advance failing which Sales Tax amount will be collected as deposit and will be refund if Redistribution Stockist provides the relevant Forms within prescribed time limit.

SUPPLIES: Supplies may be made by the Company or any of its Branches /depots / Associates. The arrangement covers products / Brands / Services etc. manufactured/marketed/distributed by the Company even though the same may be supplied by the Company’s Branches /Depots/Associates.
The Company Shall Always endeavour to maintain regular supplies. However, the company is not responsible for irregular supplies / non – supply due to reason beyond its control.
Debit / Credit balance of Redistribution Stockist are transferable to / from the Company and its Branches / Depots / Associates in mutual interest as may be necessary.

MODE OF DESPATCH:Goods will be sent at buyer’s risk through reputed transporters approved by the Company. Freight payment as per Company's freight policy inforce from time to time.

PRICES:As per Company’s Price Structure subject to change from time to time. Prices applicable On date of dispatch to be charged.

REDISTRIBUTION:Redistribution Stockist must visit all Retailers in the Area regularly & ensure proper distribution and placement of Company products.Redistribution Stockist must extend credit at his own cost & risk. Redistribution Stockist must make best efforts to maximize sales and give full co-operation to the Company and its representatives in every respect. The Company reserves the right to appoint any number of Redistribution Stockist for a particular Town / Area.

REDISTRIBUTION STOCKLIST MARGIN(Including all costs, expenses & etc):As per Company’s Price Structure from time to time.The Company will not be responsible for Cost / Expenses incurred or commitments made in respect of discounts / costs / expenses for which there is no prior written sanction from the Management of the Company.

TERMINATION:This arrangement is on Principal to Principal basis & and can be terminated by giving 15 days notice on either side.

JURISDICTION: All disputes will be subject to the Exclusive Jurisdiction of Delhi Courts only.

NOTE: The word Company wherever it appears, refers to FENA (P) LTD.